ST. LOUIS – A lost wedding ring found in St. Louis is returned to its owner in Kentucky a year and a half later, just when she needed it the most.

Jamie Hawkins of Paducah lost her ring at the St. Louis Premium Outlet Mall in Chesterfield while shopping with her family. She had no idea it was gone until she got back to her hotel that night. They retraced all the locations where Hawkins visited in St. Louis, but with no luck.

When they returned home to Paducah, Hawkins turned to Facebook and a website that helps reunite people with their lost wedding rings. She monitored the site for six months, and no one responded.

After losing her ring, Hawkins was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was just completing her chemotherapy when she learned someone had found her ring.

A Wentzville family was at the outlet mall not long after Hawkins’ visit and found the ring. No one at the store had reported it missing at that point, so the man put it in a drawer, intending to give it to his wife to help search for the owner, but forgot about it.

A year and a half later, he remembered and gave it to his wife, Jayne Patton. Jayne is in charge of the women’s ministry at NorthRoad Community Church in Moscow Mills. She posted a picture on her Facebook page. It was shared hundreds of times.

That Facebook post made its way to Jamie and her husband. They called Jayne, who was overjoyed to know it was their ring. It had a special inscription inside that confirmed they were the ones who lost it.

Both Jayne and Jamie attribute the ring’s discovery and making its way home to God’s timing being perfect. Jamie got the ring when she was at one of her lowest points in her battle with breast cancer. It gave her the hope she needed.