Low tire pressure distracts Hazelwood woman before attempted carjacking


Woman Filling air into a car tire to increase pressure

HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A woman held on and was dragged as a man attempted to steal a vehicle from a QuikTrip in Hazelwood Thursday night.

Police said she was dragged approximately 50 feet before the suspect saw a dog in the vehicle with him. This discovery scared the theft off. He then ran to a red sedan that fled the area with him in it.

The woman had minor injuries that were treated at the scene.

This incident began when the woman was getting gas at the QuikTrip located at 5909 Howdershell Road. Once she got gas she noticed that one of her tires was low on air. She then moved her car over to an air pump and left her keys inside with the vehicle running.

“It was later discovered that the suspect let the air from the victim’s tire while they were inside the store, in hopes they would notice, and leave the vehicle running while at the air pump,” police said.

The Hazelwood Police Department are asking motorists to take extra precautions while at the pump.

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