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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – University City residents called their ‘mailman’ a hero after he rescues a little boy and dog from their flooded homes.

During the flash flood a week ago, mail carrier Darren Hale said he was on his regular route when he saw a family on Canton Avenue that needed help.

“I walked, saw the giant puddle, everything was flooded down here,” said Hale. “I felt it would have been wrong for me to keep walking. They needed help.” 

Cherry Jackson said her 11-year-old daughter had “Facetimed” her when she was at work showing the flood in their neighborhood. She said she had panicked and raced home. Jackson also said her husband was away on a work trip.

However, Hale said he put his mailbag down and got in the water to save Jackson’s family. Hale said he was able to get Jackson’s 5-year-old son and her daughter out of the house.

Jackson said she and her family are grateful for Hale’s help.  

“I’m so glad he was here. I really am,” she said. “It’s just crazy to me that somebody who doesn’t even know was like, ‘I’m here for you. Don’t worry about it.’ He made me feel safe.”

Hale said he also rescued Jackson’s neighbor’s dog from the flood. He said he climbed through Victoria Lenz’s window to save her Dachshund named Stella. Lenz said she was at work. Hale said he found Stella perched on a stack of clothing in a spare bedroom.   

“They said a dog was in there,” said Hale. “I know people who love their animals like family … if I can do something to help … luckily, she wasn’t hurt or anything, but the water was rising fast in there, so I’m glad we were able to get her out.”  

Hale said the neighbors hugged him when delivers the mail in the neighborhood.

“I try and tell them that’s too much praise. There were a couple of other people out there, so I can’t take all of the credit. I’m just glad that everybody’s ok and safe,” he said.