KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood is scaring his neighbors, who say he’s shooting his pellet gun at cats, dogs and general wildlife like squirrels and birds.

After calling police and elected officials, to no avail, people in the neighborhood are fed up and want it to stop. His name is Chuck Davis and he said he’s lived in his house for more than 50 years. He’s not shying away from what he’s doing at all, but now his neighbors are concerned.

“People are scared to leave their animals outside. They’re worried about their pets and they’re worried about their children,” said Tracy Quaethem, who is Davis’ neighbor.

In video taken by a neighbor you can see him load the pellet gun and then fire. FOX4 took this Waldo neighborhood’s concerns straight to the source.

When asked if he was shooting at pets in the neighborhood he responded “Oh yea I did, I do,” said Chuck Davis.

Then when asked why he does this Davis said “I don’t hit the animals with a pellet gun.”

According to the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, what Chuck Davis is doing is illegal.

One neighbor FOX4 spoke with, so scared she wouldn’t talk on camera said she’s made serval attempts to reach police and she said “they haven’t seemed to concerned.”

“He needs to stop if it can happen someone needs to take his weapon away or whatever needs to happen so he doesn’t do it anymore” Quaethem said.

Neighbors said the firing seems careless but Davis insist he just targets animals that get on his lawn.

“Most of the time I don’t even hardly aim at it because all I’m doing is making the sound with it and the little pellet will go to the side somewhere and everything besides as soon as they hear it they’re gone,” he said.

Even as his neighbors plea for this to stop before it escalates, Chuck Davis is defiant.

‘My message to these neighbors is know what the hell you’re talking about then report it after you know what the hell you’re talking about” he said.

When FOX4 reached out to police asking why nothing has been done even though his actions are illegal, KCPD said the male in question is very elderly and they will be working to contact him and determine if any resources need to be allocated in addition to any legal steps that could be applied.”