Man and woman killed in double shooting in The Ville


ST. LOUIS – Homicide detectives with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are investigating a double murder on the city’s north side. Police have released little information, making residents more nervous.

According to Sgt. Keith Barrett, a police spokesman, the shooting happened Thursday afternoon in the 4400 block of Maffitt Avenue, located in The Ville neighborhood.

A man and woman were shot dead inside their apartment. Crime scene investigators began searching for clues.

Neighbors came out of their homes before 6 p.m. to watch as police taped off the area and detectives began their investigation.

A neighbor, , lives across the streets described the sounds of violence in her neighborhood. She said, “This is the first time somebody actually got killed but there be shots in the area all the time,” said Monica Carter, a neighbor. “So many shots around here I got used to it. I mean, they ring out all day, all night, any time of day, any time of night; you hear shots.”

As she talked, her two and half year old grandson played in the yard; obviously unaware of the horrible tragedy that occurred right across the street.


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