ST. LOUIS — A man is under arrest for a fatal shooting Sunday. Edward Gray is accused of killing Charles McBride, 42, in the 7800 block of Rio Silva. He faces charges including murder, armed criminal action, and unlawful possession of a firearm. He is being held in police custody with no bond allowed.

Officers were called to the Carondelet neighborhood on October 29 to investigate a shooting. A caller told police that his friend was shot inside an apartment. Police found the victim in the kitchen of the vacant apartment with gunshot wounds. He was pronounced deceased when EMS arrived on the scene.

A witness tells police that she saw a man exit the apartment. He approached her vehicle, pointed a gun at her, and then asked, “where’s the crack?” He then rifled through the car, stole some change, a gold watch, and then left in a silver vehicle.

Later, the witness was able to pick Gray out of a photographic line-up. She identified him as the person who stuck the gun in her face.