Man breaks into Arnold home, barricades himself and 2-year-old in room


ARNOLD, Mo. – A father of three remains shaken a day after an early morning break-in put his family in danger.

Kevin Andert came face-to-face with a parent’s worst fears early Saturday morning after a neighbor broke into his home through a garage window and barricaded himself in Andert’s 2-year-old son’s room.

“He starts yelling at me that we’re all going to die, that we’re not safe here, that he doesn’t know me, that he’s going to keep the baby safe, then he starts saying the baby is asleep,” Andert said.

Arnold police identified the suspect as 42-year-old Darin Stallman. Stallman has been charged with kidnapping and first-degree burglary. Stallman is the adult son of one of Andert’s next door neighbors.

“He only lives there when he gets kicked out of where he’s normally staying,” Andert said. “He has a history of DWI.”

As Kevin Andert pleaded with Stallman, Andert’s wife called Arnold Police and took their other two children to a neighbor.

“The boys were crying,” said neighbor Cheryl Schisler. “We brought them in the house, tried to calm them down; prayed with them. Prayed Jesus would protect their baby brother, Sammy. They were very frightened.”

When police arrived, they heard Stallman behind the bedroom door and a crying baby. They entered the room and the baby was not harmed. Stallman got out through the window and was caught across the street.

“He was chased by an officer and then arrested in the neighbor’s yard,” Andert said.

Andert said Stallman has a criminal history and is worried his family may have to see him again.

“This person who did this is someone who could wind up being released from court and wind up next door,” he said.

While everyone is physically safe, the event has effected the Andert family emotionally.

“The mental trauma, it’s real. Last night, I mean, my kids were afraid to go to sleep because this happened when they were asleep,” Andert said. “They were truly afraid to go to bed.”


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