ST. LOUIS — Police have posted a YouTube video to brief the public on the incident that occurred on August 28, 2023. They have released this briefing to be transparent and accountable to the public.

In cases where something serious occurs involving their officers, such as the use of deadly force that may result in harm or death to someone, the police will release any relevant body camera or dashboard camera videos within 45 days. The Chief of Police makes the decision regarding when to release these videos.

The video footage pertains to a man accused of trying to steal a woman’s car and exchanging gunfire with a St. Louis County officer before he was shot on August 28. He now faces felony charges.

Prosecutors have charged Dujuan Williams, 24, with first-degree robbery, first-degree assault on a special victim (an officer), and two counts of armed criminal action in the case.

The incident unfolded around 11:30 a.m. Monday in the 6800 block of Parker Road, just off Lewis and Clark Boulevard.

According to court documents obtained by FOX 2, an armed suspect approached a woman in the parking lot and attempted to steal her car. He was able to take her keys and enter inside the vehicle, but ultimately did not take off in it.

Later on, police arrived to the scene and saw the suspect near the intersection of Parker Road and Partridge Run. When police approached, the suspect took out his gun and fired at an officer, striking the police cruiser. The officer returned fire and struck the suspect, later identified as Williams.

Police recovered a pistol that Williams allegedly used in the shootout. Police say that Williams suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the shooting. Officers have also reviewed surveillance video connected with the incident.

Court documents did not disclose any potential motives behind the attempted carjacking or shootout with police. Williams is jailed in St. Louis County on a $500,000 cash-only bond.