ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Jurors have convicted a man in connection with a St. Charles County shooting, which stemmed from a dispute over a handicapped parking spot.

Larry Thomlison, 70, was found guilty of first-degree assault and armed criminal action in the case, according to court records obtained by FOX 2.

Trial began last week for Thomlison in a shooting that paralyzed 25-year-old Jaylen Walker from the waist down. Prosecutors say on March 5, 2019, Thomlinson spotted an Amazon van parked in a handicapped spot, confronted the driver, and shot him.

Walker intensely watched hours of testimony from fellow Amazon driver Michael Mayfield. It turns out Mayfield was right there, in another van. He testified that Thomlison aggressively approached them about Walker’s van being parked in a handicapped parking space, pointing to other parking spots available.

Walker said Thomlison was aggravated and told them he’d been recording video. Thomlison then flashed a camera phone in Walker’s face and also backhanded him. Mayfield said Walker fought back, knocking Thomlison to the ground, and Thomlison then pulled out a gun. Mayfield said Walker ran away, and Thomlison shot him in the back.