ST. LOUIS – There’s nothing like anxiously awaiting a test of the outdoor warning siren, something Thomas Wokurka of south St. Louis hasn’t heard in two years.

“I’m finding it interesting,” he said.

Besides some wind, it’s a perfect spring day.

“Countdown begins,” Wokurka said. “Here we go!”

Moments after the clock hit 11:00 a.m. on Monday, Wokurka’s ears were perked.

“I do hear something,” Wokurka said. “Yeah, I do hear it. Way over there.”

The St. Louis outdoor warning sirens could vaguely be heard in south city, from the same area where the city received most of its complaints in 2022 about residents not hearing the siren.

“It’s kind of weak, isn’t it? But there it is,” Wokurka said.

Chad Storie lives in the south city area and complained about not hearing the siren during April’s tornado warnings.

“We heard a faint test on a siren [Monday] but not confident it was a city siren sounding,” he said.

Others called FOX 2 from south St. Louis to report they heard nothing.

“You had to pay attention,” Wokurka said.

The city has proposed buying a new outdoor warning system in 2024’s budget, totaling $3.9 million.