Man faces kidnapping charges after Jefferson County confrontation with kids


DE SOTO, Mo. – A Jefferson County man faces serious charges after an encounter with kids on Monday night. Jamie Critchlow, 47, is charged with kidnapping, burglary, and unlawful use of weapon violation. He tells police that he was in the area looking to buy some property and pulled his truck over to ask for directions. That is when a confrontation began.

Police say that Crichlow stopped his vehicle near several kids walking in 2900 block of
Parthenon Monday. He got out of the car, approached a 14-year-old boy with a knife, and said, “I’m going to shave your face with this.”

Court documents state that the teen took the knife from Crichlow and ran away.

Crichlow started to look for the teen with his knife. He found a 9-year-old boy near the road, threatened to beat him with a motorcycle helmet, and demanded to know where the 14-year-old lives.

Fearing for his safety, the child led Crichlow to the 14-year-old’s home. He began to bang on the door while holding onto the 9-year-old’s arm.

The 14-year-old’s father answered. The probable cause statement says that Crichlow then threatened to kill the father and the 9-year-old while screaming about his knife.

Crichlow then ordered the 9-year-old to lead him to his own home. He entered the residence with the child and found his mother asleep on the couch in the living room where he started to yell at her about the missing teen and knife.

The mother tells police that Critchlow appeared intoxicated during the confrontation. He was taken into police custody shortly after officers arrived at the scene and admitted that he had been drinking. But, Critchlow denies being intoxicated.

The 14-year-old gave the knife to the police.

Crichlow has a different version of the events. He tells police that the 14-year-old threatened to kill him when he stopped for directions and gave him the knife. The teen ran off with it and he was just trying to get it back.

The 9-year-old willingly assisted him in the quest to find the knife. Crichlow also denies threatening the 14-year-old’s father. He says that he was trying to return the 9-year-old to his home and the door was open. That is how he ended up inside before making contact with the sleeping mother.

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