ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A man was struck by a bullet while he was lounging at the pool in the Central West End. According to police, a bullet that fell from the sky hit the 70-year-old victim.

Officers were called to the 4500 block of Maryland Sunday at around 4 p.m. They found the man with, “a bullet protruding from his right thigh.” He was taken to the hospital to be treated for the injury.

It is not clear where the gunshot came from. Police warn that shooting into the air can be dangerous. There is a chance that a bullet will strike someone on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July holidays. This case is especially disturbing because it happened Sunday afternoon on a typical fall weekend in St. Louis.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed all but one bill into law this summer, vetoing legislation that would have imposed tougher penalties for people who fire celebratory gunshots. Parson tells our Missouri Chief Capitol Bureau Reporter Emily Manley it’s not Blair’s Law, he didn’t agree with. Instead, it was the other provisions in the large crime package.