ST. LOUIS – A man was robbed at gunpoint by his girlfriend’s son and two others Friday in north St. Louis while he was working on his girlfriend’s son’s car.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says the situation unfolded around noon Friday in the 6000 block of Emma Avenue in the Walnut Park West neighborhood.

The victim told police he was starting to work on his girlfriend’s son’s car when he went inside the home to find the proper equipment. The son, along with another woman, entered the victim’s home while he went inside.

After that, police say one of the suspects pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victim. The suspects then took off with money, the victim’s gold watch and a necklace. Both took off from the home after that.

Police say another suspect was waiting outside while the armed robbery unfolded in the home and took off in a gray Nissan Rogue.

Additional details are limited at this time. If you have any information relevant to the investigation, contact SLMPD at 314-444-0100.