DES PERES, Mo. – A man fell 25 feet after running from police after someone tried to pass a forged check at a St. Louis area bank. One of the suspects says that she was picked up in Indiana and driven to St. Louis. The group may have been using the same scheme at several banks.

Samantha Richards, 35, of Indiana, is charged with felony forgery and receiving stolen property. Sherrod Robinson, 37, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida is charged with felony trafficking in stolen identities.

Police were called to the Montgomery Bank branch on Manchester Road for a report of a “forgery in progress” in one of the drive-thru lanes. Tellers told police that a Richards was trying to pass a forged check from a couple living in Farmington, Missouri for $2,867 and used a stolen ID during the transaction.

The check was made out to a woman and Richards had an ID with her name on it. The Des Peres bank was notified of a similar incident at a nearby bank branch that happened earlier that day. They did not cash the check and notified police.

Court documents say, Robinson, a passenger in the car, ran when officers arrived and jumped over a concrete wall. He fell 25 feet to the pavement below.

Police found three Social Security cards, two credit/debit cards, and a Missouri driver’s license under the passenger’s seat of the vehicle. This is where Robinson was sitting.

Richards told police that the other people in the car picked her up in Indiana the previous day and brought her to St. Louis. They gave her the check already filled out. She says that she thought she was giving the owner of the check her property back.

A third person was in the car during the incident. Court documents did not elaborate any charges for that person. They did say they were hospitalized for injuries.