ST. LOUIS – A man was shot Wednesday evening in St. Louis while he tried tried to retrieve his girlfriend’s stolen backpack from three suspects.

The shooting happened around 9 p.m. Wednesday in the 2300 block of Locust Street. The man’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Police say a 41-year-old man and his girlfriend were leaving his home when they noticed three suspects rummaging through a bag. They quickly determined it was his girlfriend’s backpack, one that contained an Apple laptop and other items.

As the man tried to confront the suspects, they started running away with the backpack. The man entered his car and followed the suspects to the 2200 block of Washington Avenue.

Once there, he got out of the car and one of the suspects started shooting at him. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and the suspects got away.

Later on, police tracked the backpack in the 1400 block of Cochran Place because of the laptop’s location setting. Police recovered the woman’s laptop and backpack.

The St. Louis Police Department is handling the investigation, though did not disclose whether the case led to any arrests.