ST. LOUIS – Allissa Tankins had no idea she would be the recipient of the Ray Kroc Award.

The award is given to managers who are top performers all around the world and to managers who lead their team to outstanding business performance and reinforce McDonald’s purpose to feed and foster communities.

“Speechless. Because I wasn’t expecting it. And I just saw this award being given to someone on Instagram, and I was reading about it. I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to win that.’ And here I am, winning it,” Tankins said.

She’s worked at the Normandy McDonald’s for 18 years. She started as a crew member when she was 17 and worked her way up.

The Ray Kroc Award is presented to the top 1% of managers worldwide. Tankins is one of 394 recipients around the world.

Local McDonald’s franchise owner James Williams said what makes Tankins stand out is the way she treats her staff and customers.

“She’s a mentor and a sponsor for so many people, so many young people at this restaurant,” he said. “In addition to that, as you can see from the customers that we have here, they love her. She’s a part of the regeneration of our community.”

“I just treat people like if you were my family, basically,” Tankins said. “That’s how I always looked at things. I wouldn’t want nobody treating my family any kind of way I won’t treat nobody else [that kind of way.]”

According to McDonald’s, around 90% of those in restaurant management began their careers as crew members.

“My favorite quote that was in a McDonald’s handbook was: The floor you mop today could be the floor you own tomorrow,” Tankins said.