ST. LOUIS — A man is under arrest for a brutal October road-rage beating and shooting in downtown St. Louis. John Ehlinger, 35, faces felony assault and weapons charges. He is being held with no bond allowed.

Court documents state that Ehlinger ran a stop sign at 10th and Clark Streets on October 22. A man waiting at a red light in his vehicle honked his horn.

Ehlinger backed his truck up in front of the victim’s vehicle. He then got out, pulled the man out of his vehicle, beat him, and drove off.

Police say the victim had black eyes, a broken nose, and fractures to his jaw and forehead. The assault was apparently captured on a nearby surveillance video camera.

The camera also spotted the suspect chasing after a witness. The court documents state that Ehlinger drove up to someone driving a Range Rover, pointed a gun at them, and said, “Do we have a problem?”

The person in the Range Rover drove off and Ehlinger followed in his vehicle. He ended up hitting the second victim’s vehicle and firing shots.

Ehlinger’s vehicle was found abandoned. Manchester Police were able to identify it because they are familiar with him. They say Ehlinger was on probation for property damage using a similar vehicle.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says that the same man was involved in a brawl with Cardinals players. You can read that story here.