ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The City of Manchester wants to annex a large portion of land in St. Louis County. Thursday night, the county held another open house for the public. Residents asked questions and learned how they would be affected by the change if they were to become Manchester residents.

Manchester annex plan

The area in question is bound by Manchester Road, Barrett Station Road, and Carman Road. The issue will be on the November ballot.

The Growing Manchester Facilitation Group, consisting of 25 members, is actively working to inform the 6,500 residents in the unincorporated region about the impending vote scheduled for November. Their goal is not to influence the vote’s outcome but rather to educate people on the annexation process and its potential implications if approved. The group has organized open houses and encourages the city to engage with residents in each neighborhood to address their concerns and benefits associated with the annexation.

Not everyone is in favor of the annexation plans, with lawsuits filed by a resident within the proposed annex area against the City of Manchester and by St. Louis County against the county’s boundary commission, which approved the annexation’s progress toward inclusion on the November ballot.