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MANCHESTER, Mo. – There were flyers sent in the mail of a proposal to annex an unincorporated area near Manchester Thursday.

Thousands of families are living in the unincorporated area of Manchester. 

“Right now, we’re in purgatory. We’re not a part of anything,” said Clifford Mitchum.

Mitchum lives in the proposed annexed area that is currently run by the county, but a new proposal by the city would change that. 

“Every time, that there is an annexation and portions of St. Louis County are annexed and incorporated into a local municipality, means that the whole balance of service provision of the St. Louis County region there is sort of a ripple effect,” said Jacob Trimble, county acting director of planning.

Trimble said if the annexation is approved, it will impact businesses and property taxes. St. Louis County sent out a flyer saying the city of Manchester wants to annex property in the proposed area. 

“The City of Manchester does levy higher taxation than St. Louis does, so residents will see an increase in property taxes and their personal property and in their sales taxes,” said Trimble.

A letter from Manchester Mayor’s office to residents said people were alarmed by the county flyer and the mayor said the future of the region should not be determined by a few voices.

Mitchum said he thinks the higher taxes are worth it. 

“It sounds as though you get more bang for your buck,” he said.

Mitchum said it means more services and faster response times. 

“Rather than having the county come in, even though they do a very good job, but I think being a part of Manchester will give us a better home feeling,” said Mitchum.