ST. LOUIS – As the first full week of March gets underway, a treat for us is the unseasonably warm weather. On Monday, the temperature stayed consistently in the 70s with sunny skies. Many people were outdoors enjoying it.

“I feel like I have to steal the day; you know how the weather is here,” said Stephanie Marquez. “Gorgeous one day and snowy the next.”

Many people took advantage of the day by walking, biking, and just having fun in Forest Park, including Christina Cheeseboro and her friend Leland Brown. They decided to have a picnic, check out the scenery, and do a little painting.

“We saw the weather was going to be 70 and above, and we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to go do a picnic today,” Cheeseboro said. “We plan on going paddle boating.”

Meanwhile, in Maryland Heights, golfers enjoyed the nice weather at the Quarry at Crystal Springs golf course.

“It was great weather; we enjoyed ourselves, and we had a lot of fun today,” said Dave Schweitzer. “I could take the sweater off, it was so warm. What it got to about 70 today, beautiful.”

The sunshine was also great for some businesses, including Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

A family visiting from Florida enjoys the weather in St. Louis with a delicious treat.

“It’s awesome, last Wednesday wasn’t so great, but it’s beautiful today,” said Betty Mills. “When been to the park already.”

“This is tremendous, not just for us, but for all of St. Louis. We are enjoying this weather this time of year,” said Travis Dillon, co-owner of Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. “When you get a 75-degree day, it’s good for a lot of things. Outside and good for our business, and that means a favorite treat.”