LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Crowds showed up Tuesday to support the Lake St. Louis police officers who were injured in a crash back in March.

The officers are still recovering from their injuries after police said a drunk driver crashed into them on the side of the highway while they were working a separate crash. Their community wants the officers to know how much support they have.

“Everybody needs the police to support them, and we want to support the police as well and let our customers and anybody that comes in support the police as well,” said Barb Baker.

Baker and her husband are the owners of Donatelli’s, and she said all three of the officers came out, one of them, for a special event.

“Kyle Case, it was his birthday today, and it was his first time out and about, so it was nice,” Baker said. “He had his whole family in here, and they sang happy birthday.”

She said the officers expressed their gratitude for the benefit and said all the proceeds are going directly to the officers.