Maplewood chef feeling the heat on Hell’s Kitchen after team served raw steak


ST. LOUIS– Chef Trent Garvey survived another week on Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns but not before feeling the heat in the kitchen.

Chef Garvey, the executive chef at The Blue Duck in Maplewood, was in charge of the steak course for the blue team during a charity dinner on last night’s episode.

Garvey was very vocal when it was time for his course, constantly communicating with his team and the Red team to make sure the food was ready at the same time. He was seen checking the asparagus and recognizing it wasn’t cooked enough.

Two blue team members were cooking the steak and even though Chef Garvey was talking to them throughout the night, the steak was raw when it got up for service.

Chef Ramsay called out Trent and the blue team and had to send them back into the kitchen to continue cooking the steak. The red team also had raw steak that needed to cook longer.

Both teams suffered several other bumps during the charity service. At the end of the night, Trent was safe and not up for elimination. Chef Victoria from the blue team did go home.

The show did start with a different cooking challenge. The chefs had to unscramble words to earn ingredients for the meals they were cooking. Trent struggled with the word challenge but got rave reviews about the pan-seared rib eye he was cooking.

Chef Ramsay said, “Give me that in service anyday.” He was referring to Trent’s beautifully cooked rib eye.

Chef Garvey will be back next Monday night to compete against the other 9 chefs. You can watch Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns at 7 p.m. right here on FOX2.

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