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ST. LOUIS– Maplewood Chef Trent Garvey is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen: Young Gun. He is now the head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas.

“Trenton is everything I could want in a protege,” said Ramsay after announcing Garvey won.

Chef Garvey, 25, is from Union, Missouri. He is the executive chef at The Blue Duck in Maplewood.

After he was chosen as the winner, Trent proposed to his girlfriend Macee. She and Trent’s dad were on hand for the finale.

Megan and Trenton squared off in the finals. They each got to choose four of the previous contestants to help them with the final dinner service.

Megan picked Steve, Victoria, Josie, and Emily. Trenton chose Kiya, Brynn, Sam, and Antonio. Kiya was heard saying that she didn’t want to work with Trent but she ended up on his team anyway.

Each finalist got to prepare their menus and go over them with their team. Chef Gordon Ramsay also got to review their menus and critiqued them before the actual dinner service.

Megan’s menu featured elevated Texas flavors. It included a salad featuring burrata berries truffle honey balsamic dressing, crabcake with a lobster and asparagus salad, chipotle honey glazed chicken, seared rib eye with Texas caviar, and a citrus glazed salmon. Chef Ramsay gave some good pointers but said the chicken was nowhere good enough and it was overcooked.

Trenton’s menu focused on his perspective of growing up in Arkansas and southern flavors. His menu included compressed watermelon salad with pistachio crumb, English pea risotto, poached lobster on a fried green tomato, pan-seared trout, chili-rubbed flat iron. Chef Ramsay commented that some of his portions were too small.

When dinner service starts, the appetizers went out with ease. The entrees prove to be more challenging for both finalists. Chef Ramsay told both teams it was a rough service.

The semi-finals started with Trenton, Megan, and Kiya competing in a challenge. They had to create their own menu with five dishes. Five different celebrity chefs judged each of the dishes and gave it a score of one through ten.

After each of the five rounds, Trenton earned 48 out of 50 points and was the first to earn a spot in the finale. He earned rave reviews about his pan-seared trout. The judge said he wished there was some for everyone in the audience.

Trent and some of the contestants gathered in Las Vegas to watch the finale tonight. Earlier today, Chef Garvey posted a picture of them at the Paris hotel.