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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – Back in April, FOX 2 told you about a Maplewood woman who lost eight family members to COVID-19 and how she was pushing forward with her mission to help others.

Shana Jones was recently dealt another loss after her vehicle was totaled in an accident.

On Thursday, Jones’ credit union stepped in to help her out, presenting Jones with the keys to a new minivan.

“That’s what happened,” Jones said. “I guess that’s my…Oh my God. That’s what happened!” 

Three weeks ago, her car was totaled in an accident. When the employees of West Community Credit Union heard her tale, they soon decided to help her keep pushing along – with their own vehicle. 

“We’ve gotten to know Shana the last couple of months,” said Jason Peach, president and CEO of West Community Credit Union. “My wife and I live in the Maplewood/Richmond Heights-area. We operate in Brentwood and our two worlds have come together where she’s making a difference in our community and we learn that she had a need for a vehicle. Her vehicle was totaled and so we talked at the credit union and one of the managers said, ‘Why don’t we donate our company minivan?’ And we said, ‘That makes a lot of sense, let’s do it.’”  

Jones runs the non-profit group Keep Pushing, Inc. which helps the unhoused transition back into homes in the community. For five and a half months during this pandemic, she has given away food to more than 300 families a week. 

“Her story just really connected us to just this whole world we’re in the last six months,” Peach said. “She lost close to eight family members and friends since March. She’s new to St. Louis and on her way to overcome this, her therapy is to help others keep moving forward.” 

“This table does more than just give groceries,” Jones said. “It gives household. It gives love. We give an ear. We help people.”