ST. LOUIS — Jimmy Buffett passed away last night, September 1, according to a statement posted on his website. He was 76.

The statement does not specify the place of death or the cause. In May, the singer had to reschedule his concerts due to health issues, which he had shared on social media, indicating his hospitalization.

Jimmy Buffett is renowned for his music career, notably as a singer-songwriter celebrated for his laid-back, tropical-themed style. He is often linked to the ‘Gulf and Western’ or ‘Trop Rock’ subgenre, which blends elements of country, folk, rock, and Caribbean music.

His music frequently embraces a carefree, beachy lifestyle, with his most famous songs including “Margaritaville,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” and “Come Monday.”

Beyond his musical achievements, Buffett is recognized for his entrepreneurial ventures, such as the popular restaurant chain ‘Margaritaville,’ which embodies the same relaxed, island-inspired theme as his music.

The St. Louis Cardinals had their promotional Margaritaville night Friday, September 1.