ST. LOUIS – Voters around Missouri had the chance to decide on recreational marijuana sales taxes during Tuesday’s municipal elections.

This was represented on ballots at Proposition M in St. Louis County and Proposition 3 in St. Charles County. Both measures were approved by voters.

This approval means that St. Louis and St. Charles County will enact a 3% sales tax, in addition to a 6% percent state sales tax on recreational marijuana.

Some municipalities within these counties also posed ballot questions for an additional 3%, on top of county and state taxes. That means, if both your city of residence and your county tax proposal passed, customers would pay an additional 6% in taxes for marijuana sales at dispensaries.

Voters from the City of St. Louis also approved a marijuana sales tax by a 62-38% margin. That will mean a 3% sales tax in the city, in addition to the state of Missouri’s 6% sales tax.

Nearby Franklin, Lincoln, St. Francois and Washington counties also approved a 3% marijuana sales tax.

In unincorporated parts of Missouri counties, customers would only pay an additional 3% sales tax if voters approved such a change in Tuesday’s election.

The ability for counties to include an additional sales tax was set up in the constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana in Missouri. St. Louis County Executive Sam Page has said a county tax would generate more than $3 million for county parks, police, and roads.