Marygrove ‘Hope and Healing’ campaign aims to raise $150K in 24 hours


FLORISSANT, Mo. – It’s a race to raise $150,000 in just 24 hours. Marygrove is launching its #HopeandHealing virtual fundraiser to help children across the St. Louis metro area.

Marygrove is dedicated to providing a safe home, warm meals, clothing, and support to children that have experienced trauma.

It’s an all-or-nothing campaign. If they don’t meet $150,000 by 2 p.m. Thursday, the donations will be returned.

The good news is that for every $1 you give, that $1 will be multiplied by 4. If you donate $10, it will turn into $40.

“It’s super exciting, yes. It’s just amazing to see how people can come together in support one mission,” said Chief Development Officer Courtney Noto. “Twenty-four hours is not a lot of time at all. Just seeing how people can really get behind the work that we do here to help kids it’s really an inspiration.”

The benefactors helping reach the goal include board members, young professionals, and generous supporters.

The money will provide a safe home and care for children, youth, and families.

“We try and meet the children where they are. We try to meet them where their trauma is. We help them take them to a healing process so they can start to mature again,” said Joe Bestgen, chief executive officer of Marygrove. “Oftentimes when there is significant trauma, the child stops maturing at that particular point in their life. They’ll never become the full person they are intended to be without that healing.”

You can donate to the #HopeandHealing campaign by clicking here.

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