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ST. PETERS, Mo. – A St. Peters woman lost 95 pounds by weight lifting and eating right, but now she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Keri North, 39, started her weight loss journey at 305 pounds.

“It was a slow, steady process,” North said.

She began losing weight in July 2017. She lost 50 pounds, but then she gained it back. She restarted her weight loss journey in November 2020 and stuck with it. She got down to 210 pounds in August 2021.

North said her weight loss was inspired by her two daughters ages 10 and 14. North said she was at a point where she couldn’t carry groceries upstairs by herself.

“When I split up with their dad, I just decided to get back out there and take care of myself,” North said.

Her journey started by going to Transforming Training and Horsepower Athletics with her sister. Those workouts included weight lifting and cardio. As for her diet, she cut out a lot of fast foods and drastically reduced the amount she was consuming.

“I haven’t deprived myself of everything that I love. I still eat pizza or whatever here and there, just not as much,” North said.

On April 21, 2022, she was diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer. She starts chemotherapy next week.

“If I hadn’t lost weight, I may not have found it,” North said. “I would love for people to know that no matter what point they are in their life, it’s not too late to start.”