ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday disciplined a St. Louis couple thrust into the national spotlight when they waved guns at protesters in June 2020. Mark and Patricia McCloskey previously pleaded guilty to misdemeanors and were later pardoned by Missouri Governor Mike Parson. On Tuesday, the state’s high court addressed the McCloskeys’ law licenses.

While Missouri’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel had recommended that the court indefinitely suspend their licenses, the court announced Tuesday afternoon that it suspended them but stayed the move while placing them on probation for a year. They are able to continue practicing law while on probation.

The couple has argued that they were protecting their property from a violent mob, but a special prosecutor’s investigation found the protesters were peaceful.

If probation is revoked, the suspensions would take effect immediately, with no ability to appeal for reinstatement for six months.

The couple was featured in the 2020 Republican National Convention and Mark McCloskey has announced a run for the open U.S. Senate seat in what is a crowded Republican primary field.