JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) says that one bull elk was harvested during the archery phase of elk hunting in 2022.

The archery season lasted from October 15 to October 23. During the gun season, which lasted from December 10 to December 18, two bull elk were killed.

The three Missouri hunters who received one of five elk licenses in 2022 were chosen at random from a pool of 9,684 applicants.

Elk are a native species in Missouri, but they became extinct due to unrestrained killing in the late 1800s.

For years, MDC, many partners, including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and many supporters, including local towns and landowners, fought to bring back Missouri’s first elk hunt in 2020.

What are elk?

After the moose, elk are the second largest member of the deer family. A giant member of the deer family has a robust neck, long, slender legs, a long head, and massive ears.

Elk are vocal creatures. They have a variety of calls and sounds, including the male’s well-known “bugle,” as well as growls, mews, barks, and “knuckle cracking.”

This is a walking sound made by the front legs that is used to establish contact when a herd is passing through deep cover.