FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. – State conservation agents are looking for an injured mountain lion that was struck by a car Monday evening in Franklin County.

According to Dan Zarlenga, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Conservation, the incident occurred at Highway T and Old Highway 100, just north of Villa Ridge. His agency was first notified of the accident around 8:30 p.m.

Zarlenga said the mountain lion was apparently bleeding after being hit, but managed to get up and run away. No humans were injured in the accident.

MDC agents searched for the animal Monday evening and Tuesday morning to no avail.

Zarlenga said anyone who spots the mountain lion is encouraged to not approach the animal, but instead keep a safe distance and call the MDC.

Mountain lion sightings are very rare in the greater St. Louis region, Zarlenga said. Only two confirmed sightings have been recorded since 1994: one animal was struck on Interstate 70 in Warren County in January 2017, and another was caught on a game camera in Chesterfield in January 2011.

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