RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. – A woman is facing serious charges after being accused of stealing an SUV from an auto body shop in Richmond Heights. A mechanic came into contact with the suspect just moments before the theft.

Major Craig Mueller, Richmond Heights Police Department, said the woman had been in jail earlier in the day.

Octavia Bryant, who is facing charges in other counties, was released from the Richmond Heights Jail and walked some 900 feet down to Telle Tire & Auto. A mechanic there said she asked for a cigarette.

She was looking for a ride and found one.

Police claim Bryant got her hands on the keys to a 2016 Nissan Rogue and stole the vehicle.

The owner of the Rogue was heading to Nashville and had stopped in for a brake check.

“This was more of a crime of opportunity,” Major Mueller said. “This woman victimized somebody based on opportunity.”

A warrant has since been issued for Bryant for first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle.

Meanwhile, Telle Tire took care of the expenses for the customer involved.