MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – The Mega Millions jackpot soared to an estimated $660 million on Friday. Customers at the Maryland Heights 7-Eleven on Schuetz Road were dreaming big. 

“There’s always the big boat, you know, the house on the lake stuff like that,” said Wally Rosnkranz. 

Rosnkranz said he was buying tickets and added other priorities would include family, friends, and charity.  

“I would pay all my debt off and with whatever I have left, I would travel with my wife,” said customer Aaron Reynolds. 

He said he did not think the money would change him as a person.

“I’m afraid people around me would change,” said Reynolds.

“I would pay off my house and then I would probably go on vacation,” said Matt Ziegler.  

Ziegler said with money left over, he will donate to an organization.

“I’ll probably give it to Stray Rescue St. Louis,” said Ziegler. “They’re my favorite organization.”

Michael Davis did not plan on buying any tickets Friday but said he would make giving to others a priority.  

“There’s a lot of people that need it more than I do,” said Davis. ” I’m sure there will be more than enough for me.”  

Tyler Adams said he would also want to use the money to help those around him.  

“There’s a lot of genuine people out here who work a lot,” he said. “That’s when you change not only your life but everyone around your life.” 

The odds of winning are approximately 300 million to one.  The winning numbers will be shared here after Friday’s drawing: