ST. LOUIS – The head of the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen is suing her own city and 13 police officers. 

President Megan Green is demanding a jury trial over a Central West End protest during which she alleges she was tear-gassed back in 2017.

The lawsuit was originally filed before Green became the President of the Board of Alderman. She claims she and others were tear-gassed during a protest in the Central West End neighborhood.

FOX 2 has learned that the lawsuit has been re-filed in the Missouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court. The lawsuit names St. Louis City and 13 St. Louis police officers, including Lt. Col. Lawrence O’Toole, who was interim police chief at the time.

“On the night the [Jason] Stockley Verdict came out, [Megan Green] was peacefully protesting in the Central West End. Hours after the protest was done, she asked permission from police to walk back to her car. Then, bear-big armored personnel walked by and tear gas [Green] and other citizens and a bunch of nuns for no reason,” said Javad Khazaeli, an attorney representing Green in the lawsuit.

The original case, filed in 2018, was previously dismissed. Former police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted of a first-degree murder charge in the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. The verdict sparked protests as hundreds took to the streets in the Central West End, including Green.  

In the lawsuit, Green alleges officers indiscriminately fired tear gas at peaceful protesters, and she took shelter in a local synagogue, where she said she experienced the terror of officers pounding on the doors and threatening the occupants.

Green claims she suffered “excruciating pain” as a result of the tear gas and dealt with respiratory issues for months afterward. Green’s lawsuit details her emotions and what she says was her physical trauma that night and afterward. 

FOX 2 has reached out to the City of St. Louis for comment, though was informed the city could not comment on pending litigation. The St. Louis City police department confirmed Green has filed a lawsuit naming 13 officers.

“President Green, her stance is, everything she has run for has been about the citizens, justice for the citizens, racial equity and people being treated fairly,” said Khazaeli.

According to Khazaeli, Green would donate any money she may win from the lawsuit to charity.