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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A former Real Housewife of Orange County has been through a lot over the past few years. Now Meghan King Owens, 37, has announced she has moved to another St. Louis County home.

Meghan divorced Cardinals centerfielder Jim Edmonds in 2019 after a scandal. They had three kids together and lived near Plaza Frontenac. ​In October she married President Biden’s nephew Cuffe Ownes at a small ceremony in Pennsylvania.

Edmonds, 51, reportedly still lives at the home they built together. In August he became engaged to Kortnie O’Connor, 36, after the divorce with King became final.

Now, we know more about where Meghan is currently living. Property records indicate that she owns a modest $840,000 home in Kirkwood. She shared a story to her Instagram page over the weekend to tell fans about what it meant to purchase this home.

“These photos were taken on a dreary day one year ago when I bought this house all by myself. A year to date before that was when my world was rocked and I was forced to endure the most humiliating public split I’d ever have the displeasure of experiencing. I learned to single-parent three preschoolers during Covid and managed to save enough money to leave my former family home and proudly provide a much smaller, much cozier perfect home for my kids

In my first year of homeownership, I continued putting myself back together and learned how to balance single motherhood with self-care. And at roughly the one-year anniversary of buying my house, I got married. So much can change in one year, in two years. You are strong, you are worthy, and you can do what I did. It will hurt and you will cry, but you will prevail. You have no other choice to make the decision every single day to find happiness. I believe in you.”

On Tuesday Meghan returned to Instagram to offer a reaction to all the support. She writes, “Reflecting on my last post… now I’m all like…” And then sings, “When you know your worth now and you’re just like: ‘I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind.”