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WASHINGTON – St. Louisan Mark Ludwig says he traveled to Washington, D.C. this week to witness history.

Ludwig says he’s not a protester and didn’t participate in the violence that unfolded Wednesday at the Capitol, but he did have a front-row seat to it.

“I was literally standing in the front row of the barricade facing the Capitol and to the left of me it looked like people were trying to breach the barricades. Police got that under control,” he said. “About five minutes later, hundreds of people to the right of me totally breached the barricade.”

Ludwig says, at one point, you could see police running towards the Capitol to try and get to a place where they could get control again.

“They blew off a smoke bomb, which scared the pants off of me. It was loud,” he said. “At some point, people were able to penetrate the actual doors and run inside.”

Ludwig says he’s been involved in Republican politics for decades. He tells me despite the feeling of many in his party about the results 2020 presidential election, what occurred today was shocking.

“Obviously, I think people are frustrated because there’s a lot of us, myself included, that does believe there was fraud,” he said. “But at the same point, I just don’t know that I feel comfortable about breaking barriers down and storming the Capitol building.”