MEHLVILLE, Mo — Due to the escaped inmate, the St. Louis County Police have instructed the Mehlville School District to implement a “secure” plan while they search for the inmate.

During the “SECURE” procedure, all doors are locked, and students remain inside the building. Entry and release are closely monitored to ensure the safety and supervision of the students.

“SECURE” is implemented when there is a threat or hazard outside the school building. It leverages the security of the physical facility to provide protection. Throughout this procedure, all students and staff are brought inside, and all exterior doors are locked. Classes can continue without interruption within the building.

All students and staff are safe, and classes are proceeding as usual without any disruptions. FOX2 will provide updates as more information becomes available or when the “SECURE” procedure is lifted.

The school district is also canceling all elementary and middle school after-school activities. Y Club is also canceled this afternoon. They are encouraging parents to meet their children at the bus stop or to pick up their children from school if they walk.

High school practices, games and clubs will meet as scheduled. No student will be allowed to wait by themselves, unsupervised for a ride.