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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The weather couldn’t be better for the opening weekend of local pools and waterparks. The entire Memorial Day weekend has been dry and sunny.

“It never happens. Not in St. Louis. So, I’m definitely enjoying it. We like to be outdoors,” said Ali Safari. “Definitely enjoying the weather.”

Ali took his nephews to Aquaport for a day in the sun and they have a full day of fun planned.

“I’m loving it. It’s windy. It feels good. It’s not too hot. The water feels good,” said Mariah Jones, Safari’s friend. “We’re going to chill, we’re going to hang out. Go to the lazy river soon. Get some tubes. Barbecue after this.

“We’re going to have a good time. Eat some good meat. Enjoy some family time,” said Ali.

The Kotraba family visited Aquaport for the first time today They’ve been enjoying a weekend outdoors.

“Absolutely love it. All weekend long, we’ve already been playing tons of sports,” Frankie Kotraba said. “The weather, the slides, the pool, everything; just running around having a good time.”

“It’s good,” Abby Kotraba said. “We’ve been outside playing basketball and volleyball and stuff at home, going to St. Charles. It’s fun.”

Daughter and son, Abby and Jacob, are excited to see what the park has to offer.

“Going on all the slides, going to the pool, the lazy river, and swimming,” said Abby.
“Just ride on the slides and stuff,” said Jacob.

Those slides are certainly a big hit with Levi and Elijah.

“I went on the blue (slide) and it was super scary. It was going super fast. I couldn’t see nothing, I couldn’t lift up my head or nothing. It was scary,” said Levi.

“Mine was going a little bit slower but it was still black (slide)? And I was in there for a long time. It was, like, scary,” said Elijah.

Down the road at the Chesterfield Aquatic Center, 11-year-old Olivia Warren is enjoying the perfect pool weather with just three days of school left until summer break.

“It’s really fun. I was actually at the pool yesterday with my friend. It’s really fun because the slides are nice,” Olivia said. “It’s really nice when you get in the water and it’s perfect weather to swim.”

Families all over the region are just appreciating the weather and the unofficial start to the summer season.

“Kids are having fun. That’s all that really matters so they’re out running around. The water feels good for them. It’s a little chilly for us adults but life’s good,” said Christopher Lloyd.

“I’m just really glad the pool is open. We just love coming here every summer,” said Victoria Kogan.