HAZELWOOD, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has been called to investigate a mercury spill at the United States Postal Service distribution center in Hazelwood. The facility has been evacuated.

The Environmental Emergency Response Team is on the scene. The Missouri DNR says that there is a report of a mercury release onto a mail processing table and conveyor belt. Teaspoon-size amounts of the toxic substance were visible on a table and mercury beads could be seen on a conveyor table next to the area.

A Desoto, Missouri, post office has also notified the Missouri DNR that they have also identified a mercury spill. Many packages are processed in Hazelwood. The leaking package may have passed through there before arriving in Desoto. A delivery truck may also be contaminated.

First responders are working to identify the delivery truck. It may need to be decontaminated. Cleanup efforts are being coordinated with an environmental contractor.

Mercury is a naturally occurring metal that can be a liquid or a gas. Exposure can cause health issues like eye irritation and respiratory problems. Workers may be harmed by exposure depending on dose and duration.