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ST. LOUIS – Metro and its partners took time to thank customers Thursday morning for dealing with delays and other challenges to public transit after the massive flash flooding. 

This is as Metro continues to make repairs and get back on track. 

From 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. passengers at five Metro transit centers were provided with a little gift and some important information as they came through the facility. 

At the Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 Transit Center, representatives from Metro and Citizens for Modern Transit or CMT were handing out envelopes to riders. Inside the envelope was a free MetroLink ticket as well as details about a guaranteed ride home program sponsored by CMT. 

It was back on July 26 when torrential rain and flash flooding caused $40 million in damage to the Metro system. Most of the damage was along about a two-mile stretch of MetroLink between the Forest Park DeBaliviere Station and the Delmar Loop station. 

Metro officials recently announced that service has been restored in some capacity to all MetroLink stations, but there are still restrictions causing delays. 

We talked with a passenger at Shrewsbury-Lansdowne who received a free ticket as well as the head of CMT about the effort Thursday morning. 

“I think it’s great that they’re giving out passes, but it’s also a setback because even though the trains are running you still have to wait because it’s only a single train running on the tracks,” Metro passenger Makkyyah Walls said.

Executive Director of Citizens for Modern Transit Kim Cella, had a message for Metro passengers saying, “So we want to thank them first of all. “First and foremost for sticking with public transit. Secondly, we want to ask them to be patient because we know public transit is a critical component of our transportation system -and it will get back on track and it is getting back on track.” 

Besides Shrewsbury-Lansdowne, the passes and information were also given out at the North Hanley Transit Center, the Forest Park Debaliviere Station, the Fairview Heights Transit Center, and the station at Emerson Park in East St. Louis.