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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – Despite major damage to the MetroLink system during that historic weather event, they were able to get trains up and running on the entire Red Line in 72 hours.

Since then, they continued to work on restoring the Blue Line, so now riders will once again be able to transfer by train between the Red and Blue Lines without having to take shuttle buses.

Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX captured the damage from that flood three weeks ago. The total damage was estimated at $40 million.

The majority of the damage was concentrated on a two-mile section of MetroLink between the Forest Park-Debaliviere Station and the Delmar Loop Station.

Metrolink said restoring Blue Line service has been especially challenging – the vital MetroLink signal, communications, and fiber optics systems were damaged or destroyed by floodwater.

On Monday, the MetroLink team will implement a modified single-track operation that will allow trains to serve all stations on the light rail system, both Blue and Red lines.

During the modified single-track operation at the Forest Park-Debaliviere Station, all eastbound and westbound Red Line trains will board on the westbound side of the platform. All eastbound and westbound Blue Line trains will board on the eastbound side of the platform and over at the Skinker Station and the University City-Big Bend Station, all eastbound and westbound trains will board on the eastbound platform.

With this service plan, trains will arrive every 20 minutes.