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ST. LOUIS – Among those significantly impacted by historic rain on July 26, 2022, was Metro Transit, with Bus, Call-A-Ride, and MetroLink services all affected.  

“Our crews have been out basically 24 hours over the past three weeks trying to get back up and running,” said Taulby Roach, the President, and CEO of Bi-State Development which operates Metro. “As a matter of fact, I have to congratulate our crews that, within 72 hours, they had the Red line back up and running.”

Bi-State released a time-lapse video of what the flood waters did to MetroLink between the Delmar Loop and Forest Park DeBaliviere stations. The tracks, platform, even a stalled MetroLink train were filled with water at the Delmar Loop station. Damage estimates are now close to $40 million system-wide, including preparations for future flood events and ongoing repairs.

“Several months, really four to six months, we’ll be doing additional repairs that have to do with the traction power and the fundamental safety of the system,” Roach said.

While MetroLink red line service is restored, the blue line has not able to operate due to damage to MetroLink signal houses. Riders have to be shuttled to red line trains, creating delays for everyone. Beginning Monday, August 22, all blue and red line MetroLink services will be back.

“We will be single tracking. So, we will be running trains all the way through on the red and blue line, servicing every single station,” Roach said.

This means no more shuttles for blue line passengers. All blue line and red link MetroLink services will operate on a modified standard weekend 20-minute service.

“We have to thank the public for their patience as we worked through this extraordinary event,” Roach said.  

At the Forest Park-DeBaliviere station all blue line trains, east and westbound, will board on the eastbound side of the platform. All red line trains will board on the west side.  

As a reminder, the elevators are out of service at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere station due to flood damage.