ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A new interactive display at Suson Park in St. Louis County is perfect for future farmers. A fiberglass cow lets visitors “milk” it. The purpose is to show visitors what it is like to milk a real cow.

The “cow” has an internal water pump system. This is how visitors can milk the inanimate object. The new display is located in the animal farm.

Prairie Farms donated the exhibit. There are also presentations showing the scale of modern dairy farms and how milk is produced.

“This is an exciting addition for visitors of all ages at Suson Park,” states County Executive Sam Page. “Experiences like this at our parks are invaluable and can help educate residents and visitors about the hard work that goes into operating a farm.”

Suson Park is located on Wells Road in St. Louis County. Learn more about the park and plan your next visit here.