CRESTWOOD, Mo. – A Crestwood family was stunned after a massive limb from a tree in their front yard fell onto their two SUVs Wednesday morning and damaged their vehicles.

“All of a sudden, I hear this crack; it sounded like an explosion,” said neighbor Tom Tipsword. “My daughter gets up, she grabs me, we walk down here and see this tree crashed upon these two vehicles. And we’re going, ‘Oh my God, I hope nobody’s injured.'”

Matt and Katie Pollihan say they were just minutes away from getting into the SUVs with their two young children, ages 4 and 7, when the huge limb came crashing down onto the vehicles around 8 a.m.

“If this would have happened five minutes later we would have been getting in the car,” Matt said.

Matt said he was about to open the garage door when he heard a loud noise.

“I thought the kids were getting into some trouble, like grabbing something from the top of the closet and, just, everything falling. That’s what it sounded like,” he said.

His wife, Katie, said the noise and crash startled their son.

“I rushed out and my son was completely shaking and he was just sitting there and he was just like, ‘Our tree fell,'” she said.

Ben Chu, a horticulture supervisor with the Missouri Botanical Garden, said trees, despite their stable stature, can be unpredictable.

“You don’t have an idea of when one might fail,” he said. “I think as long as you can try and keep the tree as healthy as possible, provide the necessary maintenance as needed, and have a trained arborist perform necessary work and assess the tree for its strength and its health.”

Katie considers her family very lucky.

“That’s what I keep reminding myself of, because nobody was hurt,” she said.