LADUE, Mo. — A group of 7th graders went missing overnight at a camp in Salem, Missouri. They have been found and are safe Wednesday morning.

The 7th graders were at the Drey Land Camp with other students and adults from John Burroughs School. They went with the high school seniors on an orienteering trip. They were using maps and compasses to go hiking in the woods.

The adults running the camp became concerned when the group did not return Tuesday night. They contacted the parks service and a search started to find the missing students.

The search for the missing students lasted through the night. Cell phone service in the camp area is spotty, so calls couldn’t really be made to help resolve the situation. The group was found after several hours. All the students have been found and are safe; there are no injuries.

John Burroughs School administrators tell FOX 2’s Chris Regnier that the students did what they were supposed to do when they got lost. They set up camp and stayed overnight. It’s still unclear why they got lost in the first place.

This is a developing story. This story will be updated with more information as it comes into the FOX 2 newsroom.