O’FALLON, Mo. – A one-and-a-half-year-old macaw remains on the loose after escaping days ago. The bird’s owners and local avian specialists are discussing how the bird will cope with the approaching cold front.

“With Louie, he kind of just called to us in the pet store, and he kind of just called out to us,” owner Chris Harsy said.

Since adopting Louie, the macaw has become a family member. He even gets along with their three dogs.

Harsy was cleaning Louie’s cage a couple of days when the bird flew the proverbial coop and went out the door.

Louie went from tree to tree as Harsy and others attempted to fetch him. It’s made Harsy and his family wonder why Louie escaped and hasn’t yet returned home. They believe it could have something to do with the bird’s friendly nature.

“He’s kind of playful and, you know, kind of gives you the run around,” Harsy said.

The family has posted flyers all over the neighborhood near Falls Golf Club, where Louie has been spotted.

“With the foliage, it’s hard to see him and get to him,” Harsy said.

But he’s concerned about his feathered pal’s safety with the impending drop in temperature.

“They are a more tropical bird, and if it gets too cold, well, he’s not going to do good,” Harsy said. “I’m also afraid if he’s gone too long, he’s not going to be able to find his own food.”

Even if you can’t see Louie, Harsy said the bird’s loud caw is sure to be noticed. 

“It doesn’t sound like anything else around here,” he said.

Harsy is running out of chances at rescue after local agencies and even city departments like the fire department have given the family nothing but mere tips on how to rescue him.

“Most places just want to give you information and how to get him to come down,” Harsy said, adding that the fire department referred them to a tree service.

Anyone who sees Louie in the neighborhood is asked to reach out to the Harsy family at 314-420-1353.