EUREKA, Mo. – A scene on the Mississippi River Tuesday afternoon is likely a sign of things to come. Two men were rescued by the Marine Task Force after their boat began taking on water.

“This is the season for those water incidents,” said Capt. Matt Coppin with the Metro West Fire Protection District.

It’s not just boating distress calls that start to increase ahead of Memorial Day weekend. Drowning calls will also be on the rise, according to Coppin. Coppin and his team have responded to several calls along the Meramec River.

“These waters, even though they look calm and serene, can be really dangerous,” he said.

The Metro West Fire Protection District prepares year-round for drowning and boating accident calls.

“The simplest and easiest thing you can do is wear a life jacket,” Coppin said.

It’s especially important to set boating and swimming safety standards if you’re with kids.

“I think the most important thing for people to realize is that oftentimes drownings are preventable deaths by wearing a life jacket,” Coppin said. “Just knowing that you can plan ahead and have those conversations to wear a life jacket that can turn your weekend of a great family memory to tragedy.”