JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The state of Missouri will begin accepting applications from certain small businesses interested in selling cannabis earlier than expected.

The Department of Health and Senior Services announced the application window for the first round of microbusiness licenses will be from July 27 to August 10, 2023. The state originally planned to begin the process in September.

There are a limited number of microbusiness licenses available according to the state. They will be issued to marginalized or under-represented individuals to make sure they have the same opportunity to get licenses.

There are two types of microbusiness licenses available.

  • Dispensary license
    • Business is licensed to sell marijuana products for medical or adult use
  • Wholesale license
    • Business is licensed to cultivate or manufacture marijuana products for medical or adult use

To help interested microbusinesses in the process application forms and instructions will be available by June 6.

Each individual or company may only apply once person lottery drawing. This limitation ensures everyone who applies has an equal chance at a microbusiness license.

The state will hold a lottery drawing in October and select grant licenses to microbusinesses in each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts, for a total of 48 licenses.

Two of the licenses will go to microbusiness dispensaries, and four will be wholesale facilities in each district. That means the state will grant a total of 16 licenses for microbusiness dispensaries. The other 32 licenses will be for wholesale facilities.

Missouri voters approved Amendment 3 that legalized recreational marijuana in November 2022.