JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has launched an investigation into a heavy-duty gun safe manufacturer known as Liberty Safe.

Bailey’s office is looking to investigate the release of customer safe codes to third parties. According to a report last week from the New York Times, Liberty Safe acknowledged that it voluntarily gave the FBI an access code to a safe “in response to a search warrant for a property.”

Though Liberty Safe followed a request from the FBI, Bailey contends the FBI did not have a court order ordering Liberty Safe to provide the safe’s combination. He wants the investigation to determine whether Liberty Safe fully discloses to its customers the terms under which it will allow third parties – like law enforcement agencies – to access a customer’s safe.

“In an era where the federal government weaponizes our national security apparatus against political opponents, the last thing we need is for a private company to sell out its fellow Americans under pressure from federal bureaucrats,” said Attorney General Bailey. “I am using every tool at my disposal to protect the rights of all Missourians. That’s why my office is opening this investigation to ensure Liberty Safe is not deceiving its customers in its terms of service.”

Recent developments linked to Liberty Safe have been met with criticism from the GOP and advocates of Second Amendment rights, but Liberty Safe contends it does not “give out combinations without proper legal documentation being provided by authorities.”