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ST. LOUIS – Recently, we have seen multiple instances of pedestrians struck by vehicles.

On Wednesday, night a pedestrian was struck and killed along Highway 161 near Lebanon Ave. in Belleville Illinois. Just one day prior, an 87-year-old Affton woman was struck and killed while walking to the polls.

Although these horrible incidents happened back to back, police tell us this year we are not seeing any more or fewer pedestrian accidents than normal. They said the best thing you can do when walking near traffic is to pay attention to.

According to a study by Smart Growth America, in a list of the 20 most dangerous states for walking, Missouri ranks at 17.

The group said in the past decade in the US the number of people struck and killed while walking increased by 35 percent. They said the increase doesn’t have to do with more people walking or driving. It has to do with the fact that our streets are designed for the movement of vehicles and not pedestrians.

There is also some positive in the research. On the list of 20 most dangerous metropolitan cities for walking, St. Louis wasn’t listed.